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Excellent Packaging Artwork Capabilities 5 – The core artwork process

As we have discussed in earlier articles, creating correct artwork is an activity that requires many groups to act together in an orchestrated way to deliver a successful result, on time. The way of ensuring that these people act together … Continue reading

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Managing Serialisation 5 – The Basics and Standards

In the last article we talked about arguably the most complex of serialisation models, Track & Trace. In this article we will discuss some other aspects and the important topic of standards. Reverse and Abnormal Process Flows It should be … Continue reading

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Managing Clinical Trials Artwork 1: Some Key Considerations to Support Effective Trials

As pressure to deliver new products intensifies in an increasingly complex regulatory environment, clinical trials are a vital endeavour for the pharmaceutical company.  If things go well, it will mean approval of the drug and potential revenue for the company.  … Continue reading

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