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Managing Serialisation 2 – The Basics and Unique Identification

We will break serialisation legislative requirements down into four elements to help explain them: ● Unique Identification ● Product Information Notification ● Authentication ● Track & Trace In this article we will discuss the first of these, unique identification. Unique … Continue reading

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Managing Serialisation 1 – The situation in 2014

Pharmaceutical product serialisation legislation is being developed and approved across the World to ensure patient safety and prevent fraud. Achieving this across the supply chain is a major and very costly undertaking. Failure to comply with these legislative requirements will … Continue reading

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January Column with Pharma IQ

My latest column has just been posted with Pharma IQ.  To read it, please click here

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Packaging Complexity Management Tip 20: Plan for future legislation

Are you already planning for how you will introduce required future legislation? Discussion No matter how well you manage your current portfolio, there will always be new challenges to drive further complexity.  New aspects of legislation will arise, requiring new … Continue reading

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