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Causes of Proofreading Errors 2 – Not being clear who should be checking what

As we discussed in the introduction, proofreading in the context of this discussion consists of a number of distinctly different types of checks. Furthermore, artwork typically contains information from many different sources. We have observed many instances where individuals are … Continue reading

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Causes of Proof Reading Errors 1 – Not having a comprehensive set of work instructions, training and competency assessment

Just like any other task, anyone responsible for performing proofreading activities needs to understand exactly how they are supposed to perform each task in an optimal way. Work instructions and procedures should be designed to explain exactly what needs to … Continue reading

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Managing Serialisation 9 – Where to start

It is highly likely that one or more parts of your organisation are already working on this issue, perhaps in a coordinated way, perhaps not. Initially, we would recommend continuing this work until the appropriate course of action has been … Continue reading

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Managing Serialisation 8 – What needs to be done

Companies are faced with several specific issues when managing serialisation related legislation, these include: Identifying and interpreting the emerging and evolving legislation. Serialisation legislation, particularly in its early iterations, tends to be somewhat vague, incomplete and sometimes contradictory. Interpreting the … Continue reading

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