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July Column with Pharma IQ

My July column has just been posted with Pharma IQ.  To read it please click here:  

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Causes of Proofreading Errors 11 – Not ensuring people have the right environment to work in

Proofreading requires concentration on often large documents for extended periods of time. A small desk and laptop in a busy, noisy open plan office is hardly conducive to performing this task well. In all cases we would recommend that the … Continue reading

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Causes of Proofreading Errors 10 – Not ensuring that people have the right skills and temperament

If we were to list some of the attributes of someone ideally suited to the proofreading task it might look something like this: •   High process compliance focus. •   Strong attention to detail. •   High self discipline. … Continue reading

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Causes of Proofreading Errors 9 – Not using checklist to ensure everything is being done

Proofreading requires a great deal of concentration and can often take a considerable period of time. For example, it is not uncommon for a manual proofread of a long multi-language leaflet to take a day to complete. Furthermore, because of … Continue reading

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Causes of Proof Reading Errors 8 – Not proofreading all instances of an artwork

Artworks often exist in a number of different forms, each one having subtle differences. Take for example the situation where a single artwork is used to create one or more print ready files for one or more printing machines. In … Continue reading

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