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10 tips for developing a serialisation strategy – Tip 1: Identify and interpret the emerging and evolving legislation

Serialisation legislation, particularly in its early iterations, tends to be somewhat vague, in­complete and sometimes contradictory. Interpreting the legislation and predicting its im­pacts can present significant challenges, requiring specific serialisation knowledge as well as new legislative relationships with local legislators. … Continue reading

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September Column with Pharma IQ

My September column has just been posted with Pharma IQ.  To read it please click here:

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10 tips for developing a Serialisation Strategy – Introduction

In this series of articles I am going to discuss the topic developing a Serialisation Strategy and outline a series of tips on approaches you can take to go about this. Serialisation legislation will require new capabilities to be implemented … Continue reading

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Causes of Proofreading Errors 15 – Electronic tools not identifying errors due to a lack of validation

Proofreading is a critical quality control step in the process of ensuring that the artwork that appears on finished product is correct. Mistakes in this artwork can, and have, put patient safety at risk. Therefore, we would recommend that any … Continue reading

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